Las Vegas

Sep 27—29

Join industry leading companies and o9 Solutions for three days of interactive talks and panel discussions around digital transformation in integrated planning and decision making across the organization.

Located just off the Las Vegas Strip, the five-star ARIA Resort & Casino does not only belong amongst the must see attractions of the city but is also home to multiple restaurants by the world’s most critically acclaimed chefs. With its architectural design and smart in-room technology solutions, it offers the perfect place to talk about digital transformation.

In an increasingly fast-paced and complex economy, learn how an AI-powered transformation of Integrated Planning, focused on Sales and Supply Chain, can make the difference and add true value to your business.

Improving supply chain performance as well as your decision-making processes through next-gen technology is an important part of a successful digitalization strategy. According to Gartner, 70 percent of organizations will adopt AI by 2021 to support employees’ decision-making and drive business value. Don’t fall behind and join us as one of the visionary leaders.


Nestle, Former CSCO

Chris Tyas

Nestle, Former CSCO

Chris has spent 40 years in Procurement , Manufacturing ,HR,IT and Supply Chain within the CPG industry with Mars and Nestle. After working in a number of countries he moved to Switzerland in 2010 as the Supply Chain Head for Europe and was promoted to become Senior Vice President and Global Supply Chain Head of Nestle SA in 2013 . In is time in Nestle he implemented Integrated Business Planning across many markets of the world and in his latter role instigated and led the Plan to Execute programme looking for the next generation of truly end to end planning processes and systems for the world largest Food and Drink company .Chris has a law degree and an MBA from IMD at Lausanne and now advises on Supply Chain Strategy and chairs a number of industry bodies focussing on traceability and recycling in the FMCG industry.
Senior Customer Excellence Manager at Kraft Heinz

David Laso

Kraft Heinz

David Laso is Senior Customer Excellence Manager Continental Europe at Kraft Heinz, leading the Demand Pillar for all regions. He is responsible for Demand in all Continental Europe and also Customer Service in Spain delivering best in class Customer Service and Forecasting targets. He has been working in Kraft Heinz since 2015 holding several positions in the area of Demand and Customer Service and working closely with o9 during 2019 POC. The rest of his career he was working primarily for Allied Domecq (1996 – 2015) Spain holding various positions in the areas of Logistics, Demand, Customer Service and Trade Marketing. He has gradually built his career in S&OP where he is passionate about. Graduated in Economics in 1994. He currently lives with his wife and 3 children in Madrid.


Expect three action-packed days from September 27–29, offering a selection of technical best practices, hands-on learning, and exciting evening events in one of the most glamorous cities: Las Vegas.


o9 User Forum

Latest Innovations at o9. A session where we educate users and users can share best practices amongst themselves.


Opening Remarks

Latest news and sneak preview of latest innovations.

IBP and Commercial Planning of the Future

Feedback on a journey to find the next generation Planning processes and systems of the Future.

M/L Forecasting and AI Driven Demand Sensing

How does M/L has transformed the way your company is doing forecasting – which key improvements you could generate and how this impacted positively the time of your planners?

Digital Transformation at World's Largest Retailer

How a technology can bring profound changes in the way the largest retailer in the world is mananing its supply chain – now having full visibility in its constraints and if it is possible to meet or not the demand coming from the stores.

Lunch & Breakout Sessions

Demo on Commercial Planning, IBP and Control Tower.

Next-Generation Commercial Planning

What is the key care-about of P&L owners, Regional Markets, Sales Owners in every monthly and weekly business plan review? Hitting the plan. And in this respect, gap closure to the plan is the focus? How are companies doing this today? As is status: organizations detect gaps based on shipments vs. revenue budgets – but they don’t have capabilities to monitor and correlate leading indicators/drivers to shipment performance. As a result, detection of problems is late, and often wrong counter measures are taken. Best practices Commercial Planning has to be a strong part of IBP vs. being only supply chain centric. And it should have the following key capabilities: -Real time Market Sensing of leading indicators and demand drives, sell-out/POS data for companies that sell through retail channels and competitive Product Ratings, Assortment, Pricing, Promotion data Opportunity -Pipeline visibility from your CRM system -Localized Customer/consumer demographics data Learn more about Analytics powered Insights into 3Ws questions by absorbing above data into a Knowledge Model – “EKG” of o9: –

What happened Last Cycle, YTD, QTD & why? Post-Game Insights: ML/AI powered Performance Analytics of sales vs. demand drivers – What is likely to happen? Predictive Insights – ML/AI powered demand and revenue forecasting based on leading indicator/demand driver forecasts -What actions to take – Prescriptive insights (Gap closure commercial plays {marketing, promotions, pricing, NPI, etc.) drive by AI powered Initiative Analytics)

How World's Largest Coffee Company is using o9 to Demand M/L with Python

Coming back how Starbucks started with forecasting demand at store level with its data scientist to now using a platform like o9 to scale it up at the size of Starbucks US and drive improvements and waste reduction.

Commercial Planning

How the biggest CPG (BEverage and Food) companies in the world are seeing Commercial Planning as a new white space for integrated planning – bringing the front line of the business in connection to their SC for real demand shaping capabilities in their business.


How does M/L has transformed the way your company is doing forecasting – which key improvements you could generate and how this impacted positively the time of your planners?

Technology Innovations with o9 & how that drives Business Value

What are the latest innovation to come on the roadmap as well as what makes o9 different from any other solution on the market due to its specific technology choices.

How do you drive Digital Transformation in a Global Company?

Bringing change to a company with a complex business to plan from Demand to Supply. How a technology like o9 made weathering the COVID-19 situation easier, making better decisions and with which results.

Next-Generation IBP in a B2B Context

Bringing the outside-in perspective into a B2B environment to drive next generation IBP.

Lunch & Breakout Sessions

Demo on Commercial Planning, IBP and Control Tower.

S&OE with CT

Control Tower? War Rooms? Demand and Supply Sensors? What does this really mean and how do we drive value? Common challenges in your supply chain are demand surges (unexpected spikes in demand), shipment delays, and production delays (strikes, unplaned and planned maintenance, etc.) Most likely, in today’s world, you cannot sense those demand and supply disruptions, resulting in a reactive supply chain often in a continuous fire fight stage. But what if we could turn this around? What if we could have your sales organization connected to your entrprise planning platform through mobile apps to provide real-time responses to demand surge scenarios? What if we could sense supply disruptions based on IoT data, market reports, and the conversation of unstructured data sources (e.g. commodity procurement reports)? Yes, if that is possible, we could start shaping demand in real-time and optimizing our supply chain performance considerably. Learn more about how technology can enable this process, and how you turn your supply chain in a prescriptive machine (yes you read this right, we do not only turn your supply chain into a proactive machine, we take this one step further and provide prescriptive actions).

How the Largest AI company is Leveraging o9s AI Platform for Planning Transformation

Even the most AI driven company in the world like Google saw as a key advantage to run the o9 Platform to drive the supply planning of its key business activities. Why such a choice and which benefits were derived from it?

Change management in digital transformation

New technology bring challenges to companies to transform – how the big consulting company are approaching this challenge with their customers, making change management a reality in a digital transformation.

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